About the artist

I love to hike, kayak and just be in the natural landscape. Painting becomes a record of my experience outdoors; light, color and shapes combine to bring the spirit and essence of place to my work. That is why Baxter State Park has such a draw for me. It is a rare ecosystem that thas been specifically managed to keep it’s wild character intact. I was honored to be chosen as the Visiting Artist for Baxter State Park in 2010. The residency offered me a focused period time free of the disractions of daily life to explore all the inspiration the park has to offer. I found myself drawn to the stories written in stone that the mountains of Baxter tell. The abstract qualities of rock faces and the shapes they portray create places where imagination can roam, but is anchored in the history of what came before; glaciers, water, root and wind. Painting creates moments where you feel your existence crossing paths with these objects and their histories. My work is a way for me to spend time focusing on what I see in nature. As well, it is a way for me to see rocks or trees, foliage or wildlife as abstract forms and gestures of nature. I often carry a nature journal on hiking trips to record these gestures, when time and circumstance won’t allow for more focused work. I am lucky to live in a place as beautiful as Maine and painting is a huge part of how I see and understand the natural world.  I’ve also enjoyed residency at Acadia National Park in 21012 and will be heading to Glacier Bay, Alaska this summer as part of the Voices for the Wilderness residency program.